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About the commanding of fire, lightening and thunderbolts

“Lord, do You want us to command fire to come down from Heaven and consume them…?” Luke 9:52

Why they would ever seek permission to do something like that is not that easy to understand.

James and John, the sons of thunder (Called so by Jesus, Himself) remind me sometimes of Church these days – especially during council and leadership meetings.

I believe I have to make a disclaimer before explaining my point.

The connection between James and John, fire, lightning, thunderbolts, and Church meetings was not originally made by me. As such, any decision made to direct the flinging of thunder and lightning my way should please be reconsidered because, like I already said, I did not think this thought by myself – and, more’s the pity, I cannot point you in the direction of the original source.

Now that that’s out of the way –

Think about it, what if we had the authority to call down fire from Heaven and fling lightning and thunderbolts at each other at our own discretion?

See the problem with this picture yet?


This is where the connection between James and John, thunder and lightning, fire from Heaven and Church meetings might be very helpful.

(It is important to remember that disclaimer again at this point – just saying!)

But really, think about it:

The meeting begins two hours behind schedule (again). Not too many are thrilled about the fact. They would spoil for war, but it’s not the Christian thing to do, so they’re trying really hard to maintain their witness for the Lord, but this particular brother (the same one every time) won’t make this thing easy to do – he must be part of what it means to carry your cross daily.

And he’s at it again today.

Finally, snap (as in, the sound of the camel’s back breaking after the last straw)!

Next think you know, mega voltages and measures of fire, lightning and thunderbolts are flying all over the place!

“Sit down brother, or I would make you!”

Wheese, whoosh (the sound of lightning and fire narrowly missing said brother)

“Oh no, you did not”, replies said brother, “You have faith, I have faith too. I’d show you”.

Boom, crack-crack (Sound of thunderbolt).

No one would be left out of this display of faith – lest the story becomes that you have lost your faith. Or worse, that you never really had faith – because “Did you ever see him send fire, lightning or thunderbolt?”

So everyone starts flinging fire, lightning or thunderbolt everywhere.

The meeting ends. No decision is made, but there are stories, plenty to tell, and prayer requests to be made – because “There was not that much power in the thunderbolts she was flinging. And it has been the same in the last two meetings. Could she be loosing faith? Let us pray”.

Yes, let us pray – but not about the power (Or lack therein) of her thunderbolts.

Let us pray for the Church.

How can we not see that love is a better way? – Stronger even, than fire, lightning and thunderbolts.

Because –

Have you even been to women’s fellowship meetings yet?

Don’t let me get started with that!

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