Welcome to Streams of April

We are a community of committed believers living intentionally to honour God.

We understand that the circumstances in this present world, usually, are not that close to perfect.

The needs are real. The struggles are real. And sometimes hope is not that easy to find, or even hold on to.

At streams of April, our purpose is to point to the source of true hope.

Jesus is the reason for the hope we have. Jesus is the reason for the hope we share.

We’d be happy to share with you.


The Writers

Boma believes that life is a gift and we have a duty to be responsible with that gift. She blogs at The April Journal where she hopes to encourage her readers to continue to carry out this duty.


Through her writing, Elizabeth wants to provide encouragement for everyone who needs to be encouraged. Very inquisitive, a lover of culture and languages, she shares her findings on Elizabeth’s turf.


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