Church sister

I sat across her tapping my feet, and drumming my fingers on the table, unbeknownst (who still says that?!) to me. I know! – It meant I was starting to be impatient – and after I’d told myself to not be, especially as it was today!

I was trying hard to behave, and be the person my mother would be proud of, but this Church sister wasn’t making the job an easy one – what with her going and getting on that high and mighty horse, and talking down at me like she had a point to prove!

She had no reason to do that! – Like, we sing in the same choir, and go to Church the same place! Whatever happened to being a person’s keeper, especially when said person is your very own sister from Church!

“Well”, I asked Church sister, “are you going to help me or not?”


“Excuse me?”

“There are places, sister, that no one else can go with us, no matter how much they want to”.

“It’s just food money”, I said, trying but failing to hide the irritation in my voice. What does she have to go and preach at me like that for?

OK, so that’s when it started to get more difficult and very not easy to behave, and be the person my mother would be proud of, and that’s when my feet started to tap, and my fingers started to drum!
I tried everything! I even gave the help-me-or-I-die speech, but she was having none of it today!

What happened to her?! When did the world get this cold?!

So I visited her at work without calling first, and asked for money for food for the third time this week – big deal!

What do they teach in Church these days, and what would be the Christian thing to do?

I wouldn’t know because Church sister showed me the door, and told me to never come back until I was ready to be responsible with the gift of life I’ve been blessed with! What does that even mean – like really! *sigh*

So sad!

(This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.)

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Boma believes that life is a gift and we have a duty to be responsible with that gift. She blogs at The April Journal where she hopes to encourage her readers to continue to carry out this duty.

22 thoughts on “Church sister”

  1. Wow! I can see myself in both of these “sisters.” There is so much the Lord wants to teach us about kindness, generosity, and humbleness, isn’t there? Thanks for sharing this convicting story. Blessed to be your neighbor at #LMMLinkup this week!

  2. I think we’ve all been both these people at different times. May we each learn to be responsible, whether we have much or have little. Thanks for sharing this, Boma.

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