The beauty of the Caterpillar

I am a Caterpillar!
The moment I walked out of my shell my mum said to me, “Son, you are born to be a butterfly”.
“But how can this be?” I said –
Seeing my complexion and features;
It is nothing compared to the beauty of the butterfly.
She said to me, “Son, I do not know how it happens, but one thing I know is this, He who was and who is and is to come said so”.

Full of disappointment, I left my mom’s presence and crawled through the dust of the earth till I found myself in the forest where I met the trees.
They noticed my countenance and persuaded me to tell them what bothered me.
I reluctantly played along as I told them my story.
The trees then said to me, “Do not worry and do not be afraid, He who was, who is and who is to come is faithful. Can’t you see? No man waters us but yet we are fresh, healthy and green”.

Their efforts to cheer me up failed as I quietly crawled away.
I then saw the dried grasses that covered an entire mountain.
I said to them, “Why are you not worried seeing that the slightest wind will blow you away?”
They said to me, “Though the winds blow and though we are blown away, we will surely come forth again green and beautiful; for He who was and who is and is to come is faithful”.

I then looked up and saw the eagle flying high up in the sky and called her attention.
I asked her, “Why is it that when all other birds and everybody else bows and flees from the storm, you face the storm head on?”
She said to me, “I do not know but in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and then said, let there be and there was; I am, by the word of God.

At that point I realized that my doubts and unbelief will only keep me away from my cocoon.
So I decided to take all my doubts and unbelief with me into my cocoon.
Though it was dark, though it was painful, though it was lonely; one thing is sure –
Today I am a butterfly!

This is how a sinner becomes a saint, not needing to know or understand the process of becoming. All we are asked to do is believe. Sometimes we look at ourselves and wonder if anything good can come out from us? The answer is yes. Everything good will come out of you; only just believe. Jesus loves you and is willing to walk with you as you go through the process of transformation, from that form which follows the desire for sin to that person who loves the Lord and honors Him. I will love to repeat this, “Just believe”. We don’t have to understand the process.

God bless you.

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