Valley of bones

(Ezekiel 37)

♣ The Prophet Ezekiel first saw the bones (vs. 1–2)

When we see, or are made aware of challenges that confront us, maybe God is about to help us with the situation.

We should not lose hope, give up or run away in the face of challenges.

♣  Son of man, can these bones live? (v. 3)

When God asks a question, it’s not because He does not already know the answer to the question. It is perhaps, more a matter of faith, causing us to think and consider what God can do.

We should not be in a hurry to answer, so that we do not with our own mouth, stop the work of God for us by speaking words contrary to His purpose. Like the Prophet Ezekiel, our response should be along the lines of “O Lord God, Thou knowest”.

♣ O ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord (v.4)

It is by the Word that we live. There is power in God’s word to save and give life again. So speak God’s word continually over your life, circumstances, and situations.

Whatever the challenge before you, the question is, “What is God’s word about this?”

Seek God’s word and speak it.  Speak God’s word by faith, knowing without doubt that God is faithful. He would bring His word to pass.

…then ye shall know that I the LORD have spoken it, and performed it, saith the LORD. Ezekiel 37:14

♣  A covenant of peace (vs. 15–28)

The sins of Israel did not stop God from coming to help them.

They had lost hope because of their situation, but God began the process of their salvation and restoration, and brought it to fruition by Himself.

Blessed is the people whose God is the Lord

We should never be afraid to return to God when we stray. Our Father is merciful, gracious, and loving. He would receive us. And He would save us.